3H Delivery Express offers services that are designed to fit your timing needs. Whether you are sending out a letter, small package, several boxes, or a skid we can pick up and deliver in a timely manner. We understand the industry demands punctuality, and so we adapt to serve you best by giving you the best options in delivery speeds.


Our regular speed is best for when you have no time constraints in delivery time. This service must be requested before noon. Our drivers will pick up your shipment and deliver by 5PM.

Based on location and weight, our Regular speed is the standard, most affordable service. It allows you to save money when not in a rush. Our clients love this service, as they know their shipments are in transit and they have allotted plenty of time to make up for traffic or any other roadblocks.


When you don't have the luxury of waiting all day for a shipment to be delivered, you have the option of our Rush service. This service provides a 5 hour time frame for delivery from the moment of pick up. It provides a specific time deadline, while allowing time to make up for any setbacks with traffic, etc.

We have noticed our customers prefer to call early in the day and request this service to save money, while knowing we will deliver their goods in a timely manner.


For those shipments that require a little more speed we have created our Priority speed. With our Priority speed your package will be delivered within three hours, no ifs ands or buts.

This is the perfect service for those moments where time is on your side, but you'd rather the shipment arrives early in the day. Our clients have told us they love having an option with just an extra kick of quickness!


When you have a very time sensitive package our exclusive service is the best option. With exclusive speed our drivers pick up and head straight for your delivery destination, no stops along the way. With this speed you can be assured your shipment will arrive quickly, safely, and most definitely on time.

So, whether you're on a really tight time crunch or you simply want your package delivered right away, choosing the exclusive speed will provide the quickest delivery. And don't worry, in our book faster never means careless. Your shipments are always handled with the greatest care by our well-trained drivers!

There may be times when you have one or more packages going to different locations within the same area, i.e. Manhattan. While most other companies will charge you each location as a separate delivery 3H Delivery Express does not. Instead, we offer our Extra Stop Service where, for a discounted rate, we will deliver multiple packages to the same general area in order to reduce your courier expenses.

If you happen to require this extra stop service, be sure to include that when you request your quote or when you call our contact center.